Elite Dangerous Patch 1.5 - Changelog

  • Jetzt wird gerade Patch 1.5 auf die Server aufgespielt.
    Hier der Patchlog:


    - Fixed crash when launching limpets
    - Fixed some system meta data mismatches between client and server
    - Memory use improvements and fixes on server
    - Fix assert when someone manage to select 'declare bankruptcy' button before UI receives proper data from the game
    - Optimise mission template list selection
    - When switching servers do not disconnect during the transfer
    - Added telemetry for when a player dies to help identify cause of death when players explode near stations
    - Added further telemetry to trace failed resource loading
    - Fix large quantity missions using "light cargo" text
    - Fix salavage coms lines
    - Correct reputation on abandon branch of pirate missions
    - Fix incorrect destination for massacre branch money collection
    - Fix salvage mission branching
    - Change order of mission contracts in massacre missions
    - Change data that is displayed to players in massacre missions

    Freilich ist unklar, was der leichteste Superpartner ist: das Photino, Wino, Zino oder Higgsino oder aber ein Gemisch verschiedener Partikel namens Chargino (aus Winos und geladenen Higgsinos) oder Neutralino (aus einem Photino, einem Zino und zwei elektrisch neutralen Higgsinos)